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Sell To OddBits

Found an old cine projector? Have old VCR equipment? Not sure what to do with the Reel to Reel machine you have inherited

Give your items a loving new home by selling them to OddBits, in working or non-working conditions.

We offer competitive prices across various machines and players.

We buy the following:-

  • VCRS

  • Reel to Reel Tapecorders

  • Cine Projectors

  • Audio-Visual Odds & Ends

20231218_151235 (1).jpg

Feel free to give us a telephone call or an email if you have a machine or item you are thinking of selling, we are more than happy to help and discuss a buying price.

If you have pictures of your machine, you can email these to us and we will get back to you regarding a buying quote.

01473 257595

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