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Hard Drive Media Recovery

Have you got an old hard drive containing precious pictures or videos? 

Maybe an old family PC sitting in the cupboard?

Is your drive working but unrecognised by the computer?


HDD Form Factors.webp
HDD Interfaces

Here at OddBits, we aim to help you recover your important media from hard drives you may no longer have access to.

We offer a simple file/media recovery service to extract data from your hard drive,


Just input your details and fill out the form below to receive an estimated cost for recovery.

We can recover data from most hard drives, SSDs, m/eSATA and USB/Firewire drives. 

We can recover data and media from drives that:


  • are not recognised by an operating system

  • have an interface that you can no longer use

  • are in an old PC which may not boot up

Get an Estimate

What is the form factor of you drive?
What interface does your drive have?
What is the capacity of your drive?
What is the brand of your hard drive?

Thanks, We'll be in touch soon!

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